Tiba Tempeh Sushi Uramaki

Tempeh Sushi? No really!

Tiba Tempeh’s Soy Marinated Tempeh Pieces are the perfect plant-based addition to your homemade sushi dishes. Grab your favourite veggies, sticky rice, seaweed and a pack of Tiba Tempeh, and lets get rolling!

This recipe calls for our soy-marinated flavour of ready-to-go tempeh pieces, but you can swap this out for our sweet chilli or curry-spiced pieces, or even make your own marinade and use our traditional block! We also have a divine Hawaiian-inspired marinade used in our Poke Bowl recipe; it has that hint of ocean sometimes needed in traditionally fishy dishes.

With a little bit of culinary courage and a handy rolling utensil, you can create some little round rice shaped magic of your own! (A sushi mat would be great, but a sturdy kitchen towel will also do the trick.)

Still a bit shy? Take a look at our handy little process video on how to assemble here.

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