Tiba Tempeh Sushi Bowl

Tempeh Sushi Bowl

Short on time and staring into the fridge at lunch with little to no inspiration? Never fear, Tiba Tempeh is here! Izzie from the Plantry Food Blog has whipped us up another rice-based bowl of goodness to add our to roster. It’s full of rainbow veggies and slow-releasing energy to keep you powered up throughout the rest of your day.

Featuring our sweet-chilli pieces, a dash of wasabi and a healthy dose of sriracha mayo, this bowl certainly packs a punch! You can easily play around with quantities to make sure you get a satisfying amount of your favourite vegetable. Simply chop, assemble and top it all off with those chef-pleasing black sesame seeds for good measure.

For more ideas on how to incorporate tempeh into your favourite dishes, take a look at the rest of our recipe archive here.


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