Tiba Tempeh Poke Bowl

Fancy something with a hint of ocean this evening? Here’s a fishy dish, without the scales! This is our speedy but satisfying take on a plant-based tempeh poke bowl, using our traditional Traditional Tiba Tempeh block marinated in a zingy, fresh sauce made with soy sauce, sriracha and rice wine vinegar.

Assemble alongside your favourite type of rice (ours is sushi rice) and as many colours of vegetables you can find in your fridge. Ta da, you have the perfect bowl for a refreshing, stunning dinner; dressed to impress your guests, your partner, maybe even just your cat…

Did You Know?

The Poke bowl traditionally originates from Hawaii, taking its name from the Hawaiian verb ‘to slice or cut’ (poke-ay). Thought to be invented by fishermen who would season their raw offcuts from their daily catch to eat while still at sea working; there’s now a 100 ways to do a Poke bowl, so get creative and freestyle!

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